Use Facebook Messenger to facilitate your sales funnel process

Regardless of whatever you do online, everything has to lead to your brand. You probably already know this. Anybody who’s done any kind of marketing online, knows that this is what they should be doing. Otherwise, they’re just wasting their time, effort, and energy. Believe me, it’s very easy to waste a lot of time online. It’s as if you’re doing a lot of things. It’s as if you’re putting in eight hours of solid work day after day, week after week, month after month.

Do you know that feeling?

Regardless of all that seeming activity and business, it turns out that you’re accomplishing very little of anything. It’s as if you are basically just responding to people, and not really doing much in terms of making your brand stand apart from your competitio

You have to understand that the Internet is very competitive. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and believe me, there is no shortage of businesses and experts looking to eat your lunch. You have to take this seriously.

And unfortunately, so many marketers are seemingly just chasing their tails. They get stuck in a rut, and whatever messaging they get out, it is repetitive and basically beat dead horses. They just keep repeating the same point over and over again, and they make a lot of noise, but it’s really all a waste of time.

Do yourself a big favor. If you’re looking to unify your overall online presence, so that each and every piece of messaging you send out maximizes its effect, listen up. The best way to do this is to use Facebook chat bot. Everything you say to a call to action that leads to people seeing your profile.

How Facebook Messenger Works

Once you get people on your profile, you will be able to deliver your payload. What is your payload? Well, it used to be your website URL. I suggest you change that up. I suggest that when you call people to action, to check your profile, or to go to your website, get their eyeballs on your Facebook messenger link.

Get them to click that link so Facebook Instant messenger  would kick in, and you can then steer the conversation to where you need it to go. You can take them to different parts of the all too familiar KLT online sales funnel conversion process. Depending on the keyword query of your prospect, your bot can serve up content that familiarizes the prospect, gets them to like a class of solutions, or pushes the specific solution you’re selling.

In other words, regardless of where your prospect is in the conversion process, your bot can serve up the content that will push them along until they fully trust your brand. Talk about a quick and efficient way to build trust and credibility online. You can do this on a 247 basis! And best of all, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

That’s how you play the game. That’s how you automate customer service inquiries and turn them into potential sales opportunities. To figure out how to do this, click here for the Facebook Messenger chat bot blueprint that will take your business to the next level.

All of it is automated. You can collect these people as leads and then send the out information or offers just the same as if they are on your email list.  And the really cool th ing is, these leads by the time they get onto your list from your Facebook Messenger Url, are already qualified and warm prospects.

Using Facebook chat for marketing, not only helps you make more sales by the leads already being qualified and warm, it is also a lot less time consuming and a lot cheaper than email marketing. Messenger PM’s get opened in 85% of case.  Using email marketing you are lucky to get a 20% open rate these days.

It is immediate, it speeds the process up of converting someone on your list.  It saves you time and money. And it sky rockets your conversions.

There are a few things you need to know before embarking on Facebook Instant messenger marketing.  Do it wrongly and break Facebooks terms of service in how you use it could get  your account shut down. Stay within their TOS you will have no problem using it at all.

Facebook chat bot marketing is the biggest advance in marketing since email  was in its infancy.  By being an early adopter  of Facebook messenger for your business  will put you ahead of  your competition who stick to email or older methods.  Messenger marketing is massive.


 If you want to know how to put a working Facebook messenger  chatbot automation system together, click here for the only Facebook messenger chatbot automation marketing cheatsheetyou will ever need.