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Small Business Marketing is a complex process. There are many elements to consider if you want your small business to grow and thrive in this competitive world. We’re going to focus on five key strategies for increasing your conversion rates, making you more money and growing your customer base.

target_marketFirst, you need to consider your target audience.

  • Who are they?
  • Where do they hang out online?
  • Do they prefer Facebook or Twitter? Maybe Instagram is more their thing.
  • Know what channels best suit the people that are in your market, and who will be the most likely to buy from you.

Choose Your Social Media Channel

Second: Focus on one channel at a time. You can’t be everywhere at once and spreading yourself too thin will lead you to be less effective in the channels that matter most. Channels will only be effective if you’re consistent on them. And you’re unlikely to be consistent on many channels at least in the beginning.


Build Your Email LIst

Third: develop an email list from your followers on your social media channels. Use free offers to get people to give you their email addresses. Then develop an email marketing plan for your mailing list. This is important to build trust. And because your list on social media belongs to that channel, not you, and your email list is YOURS.

web_content_strategyPlan Your Content Strategy

Fourth: Think about what type of content you want to produce and develop a plan for the channels that will work best. Blog posts are great for your website visitors, but not on social media.Videos can be powerful in getting attention and developing trust with your new followers. While images may be more successful as updates on those networks. You have to know what works best for your target market.


Plan Your Blogging Schedule

Fifth. Plan out your blog posts in advance and post them regularly. It’s best to have a posting schedule, so people know when they can expect new content from you. To determine what content to post or blog about, you must know what’s important to your target market.

This is critical. Your customers want value, and they need a reason to keep coming back. Provide them with the content that will give it to them. Whether that means tips for doing something better, or new information about what you’re doing to make their lives easier. It doesn’t work to randomise your content; it has to make sense to your market, and it has to provide them with value.




So it’s important to research your target market carefully and define your avatar or your ideal customer. This lets you know what they want. And you can speak to that one person in your content. Content that speaks to a single person directly is much more effective than generic content that doesn’t speak to anyone in particular. 




So summarising, you need to know who your avatar or ideal customer is, is and what they want. Know where you can find them. Create some free offers that appeal to your avatar so that you can collect their email addresses. And you need to plan out your content on social media, your blog, and your emails to provide the value that your avatar is looking for. In this way, you can make your marketing as effective as possible.
There is another piece to this puzzle. You nust ensure that your business can support any increases in orders from your marketing. This requires that you have a solid foundation aand system in place for your business.

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