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    Social Media Marketing Agency – Not All Are Equal

    You may be skeptical about hiring a social media marketing agency, but it’s not as big of a stretch as you might think. While most of them are quite good at what they do, there are still some things to consider when hiring a marketing agency. This article will touch on a few things to keep in mind when hiring a marketing company. With the right agency, you can benefit from many of the following perks: expertise, experience, and tools. Digital marketing agencies are able to solve almost any problem for you, leaving you the time to concentrate on what you do best.

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    Social Media Marketing – A Guide To Help You Navigate

    If you’ve done any research into digital marketing, then you know that there are some powerful things to look for when hiring a marketing company. Perhaps one of the most important things to look for is a strong digital marketing roi. A strong digital marketing roi refers to the things that a marketing agency makes you believe are true, while hiding those things that aren’t so clear. An effective marketing agency will make you feel comfortable about the things they tell you, but never outright lie about them.

    While content creation may not seem all that important, it is one of the things to consider when hiring a content marketing agency. Content creation allows an agency to create and manage your brand for you. The benefits of content marketing are that the brand of your company will become synonymous with you, which can have a real positive effect on your business. You don’t want to hire a company that creates content for you that you’re not happy with, so take the time to research and ask some questions before hiring.

    The next thing to consider when hiring a marketing agency is analytics. Without having analytics in place, you won’t be able to fully understand what your clients are looking at, where they’re looking at it, and what they’re looking for. For example, if you own and operate a fitness center, you want your fitness center to be top-notch. However, if you don’t know anything about how to track the activities of your clients are doing, you could hire a marketing agency that has a team in place to help you understand what your clients want.

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    The last thing to look out for when hiring a marketing agency to help you grow your business is their history and track record. Do some digging into the history of the agencies you are considering, and also ask for a written proposal of what they plan to do for you. Many low-quality agencies have done nothing more than pushing a template for marketing campaigns they’ve been paid for from other companies. Look for proposals that have actual client examples, and don’t rely on testimonials from a single employee or department. You want to know the history of the project from the perspective of each individual employee or department.

    A good marketing agency will not only offer you a proposal but also stand behind what they’ve offered you with a series of follow-up calls and meetings. You need to be able to speak to someone directly at any time of the day or night if you have any questions. If you’re not going to sign off on what the agency has presented to you, move on to another agency. You also need a social media promotion agency that is going to have a solid track record when it comes to search engine optimization and other aspects of internet marketing. It’s important that you not only know what the agency does, but you know what they’ve done in the past.

    Low-cost marketing agencies have no business trying to compete with the big dogs when it comes to SEO, social media, and other internet marketing tactics. If the agency you’re hiring seems too cheap to compete with the big dogs, look elsewhere. Remember, though, that there are plenty of cheap marketing agencies out there, so you should still be able to find a quality provider with high-character, as well as a reasonable price tag. Just make sure to take your time when browsing for a new company.

    What Do You Want From Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns?

    Take some time and really look at what you want from a social media marketing agency before you choose one to work with you. Make sure that you know what you want from them and that you know what they can do for you. Compare pricing, portfolios, and other details between several potential providers until you find one that meets all of your needs. You’ll be glad that you did when you’re able to achieve everything you set out to get.

    Transcript of Video below for those who prefer to read:

    So you understand the importance of social media and you want to hire a social media company to run social media for your business. That’s something you should definitely do. So go ahead and get started. Wait, here, these five tips first, cuz I’m going to break down for you five things you need to ask any social media agency before hiring them. That’s coming up.

    Hi, everyone. My name is Darren Taylor, aka the big marketer giving you tips, insight and opinion on all things, digital marketing, for small businesses and for marketers alike. So now you want to look at social media, you want to get an agency and to manage your social media. And I’m going to show you five things you should ask them before you do it. So let’s get started. Number one. Now, the first point isn’t really a question. That’s kind of a trick there, this is actually a staple, you need to ask yourself, think what you want to achieve and understand it and decide what you want to achieve in social media. Now, what do I mean by that? What I mean is social media is many things to many businesses. So you might want to use social media to increase engagement and likes on your posts and get your brand out there. Others want cold, hard cash and pure lead generation from social media. Other people kind of do this community management. So once somebody purchased their product, they continue to delight them after using social media, and making sure they stay informed and make sure they’re up to date with everything going on in your business. So it’s up to you to decide what you want to get from social media.

    So make sure you understand what you want, how you want to get it. And most importantly, communicate that with the digital marketing gency because that’s what they’re going to be briefed on. And that’s how they’re going to work with you. So make sure you know exactly what you want. On to number two, this one’s quite an interesting one, it is to check the company’s social media accounts. So if you’re being pitched by a social media marketing agency, you’d like to think they’re good at their job. Therefore, the proof of the pudding is to check their social accounts, look at their Twitter, look at their Facebook page, look at their Instagram, no matter what platforms they’re on, definitely have a look and check what they’re like. Because you’ll be absolutely surprised how many times I’ve seen social media agencies picking people nonstop, whether it’s on LinkedIn, whether it’s via social media itself, and just out of interest by check their account and have a little look. And lo and behold, they have tonnes of fake followers, or they have no engagement on their posts. And based on what they’re doing on their account, I would never want that to happen to my account. So my best tip here is to look at their accounts, see how they operate. And if you like what you see, oh, that’s my opinion. Anyway, check their accounts and see what they’re doing. If they got great engagement, if I think great things, then for sure, you can go with that company. And you can understand that they’re good at what they do. And they could do the same for your business as well. Now, how do you know if someone’s got a fake following?

    Well, there are a number of tools out there for you. So for example, on Twitter, if I want to check someone for fake or real following, I use a tool called Twitter audit. And that’s just Twitter audit.com, you put the Twitter handle of the company in there, and then that will tell you whether or not they’ve got a fake following by percentage, quite often, sometimes I see some of these agencies have you know, 50%, fake following. But then also, there’s obviously great agencies, you know, with 99%, you never going to get 100%, by the way. And these tools aren’t gospel, they’re not going to be 100% accurate, but it will give you a good indication as to what the company is doing with their social media. I put the links in the description below for more of the tools across all the networks from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, every network, you can think of to check fake followers, keeping it moving to number three, and that is to ask them what strategies they will use on your social media accounts to improve the performance. Now, are they going to create content for you or they’re going to come up with content, ideas, infographics, you know, there’s so many different types of content shared on social media networks these days.

    So it’s important to get an understanding of what they want to do for you. Now, if you’re capable of writing your own content, then ask them how they’ll distribute it, what kind of plan what they’re trying to achieve within that as well. They might want to do things like lead gen, they might create assets for you or marketing with paid social media accounts. So it all depends on the goals of your business. Going back to point number one, so because you listen to that, I know you definitely have goals in mind of what you want to achieve, how are they going to track engagement? What are they what tools are they going to use? Are they going to schedule posts, ask them specifically on a day to day basis what they will do because it will give you a good indication of what you’re getting for your money because ultimately, you’re paying for this service to manage your social media. And you need to know exactly what’s going to happen to make sure you know, you’re not being fleeced point number four and that is to ask the company, how they will handle negativity. Now by negativity. I mean people on Twitter or Facebook or whatever social media accounts it is messaging you or tweeting you or writing things on your wall to say I didn’t like your service. Sudden, like your company and I like what you do, basically how you’re going to deal with the haters. Now, of course, you don’t want the social media agency managing your social media to be lost. You don’t want them to say to you know, potential

    customers or even current customers, you’re wrong, I’m right, you’re terrible. I’m great. Get over it. Shut up, sit in the corner. And that’s it. Social media is a public forum, you can’t do anything like that. You got to remain professional at all times. And that is why I have come up with three things, three steps to handle negative comments on social media one apologise for the bad experience. Now, quite often, you know, people can be wrong, not your business. So you need that you need the situation apologising for the experience covers both bases, it means that you’re if you’re wrong, that you apologise, develop bad experience, if they’re on, you apologise that they think they’ve had a bad experience, because you’re just covering your bases that way, not fully admitting guilt, if that’s the case. But even if you’re not wrong, it still makes sense to say, you know, sorry, to reinforce your business values, you know, you’ve got probably testimonials from customers. If you’ve watched my other videos, you’ll know exactly how to get those. So you will have testimonials backup from great customer feedback, you’ll have a great plethora of great things for businesses done, your business has good values. So reinforce those values, explain to them the quality you’re used to providing and your story, you can meet their expectations on this occasion.

    And finally, reach out, offer a chance to get in contact directly. Whether you call them up whether you tweet them whether you message them with a direct message, tell them you’re going to message them or tell them you’re going to call them because again, social media is a public forum, everybody’s going to see what’s been written. So it’s important to make sure anyone watching any prying eyes could see how you handle negativity, because those potential customers or current customers are going to be confident and comfortable with how you handle things based on what you say in that situation. So please, don’t be an asshole. And finally, point number five is to ask them what they know about your business and your industry. Now if you’ve watched my other videos, which you should definitely do, then you will understand that one of the main things to ask any provider outside of your business or marketing services is to ask them if they know anything about your business, because that’s going to be the test to see how well they can help you.

    If they don’t know anything about your industry, the landscape, the competitors or any aspects of your business in general, then they’re going to struggle with to market competitively in any kind of arena, whether it’s SEO, PPC, email marketing, and especially social media because they need to know your USPS. They need to know where you sit in the market. They need to know your competition all those things come into it when marketing for social media. So it’s very important to ask that question. So guys, go ahead and ask them what do you know about me? Thank you for watching. I hope you got loads out of that video. And if you like this video, like it and most importantly go ahead and hit the subscribe button below to keep up to date with all things Digital Marketing for Small businesses and marketers alike and I will see you next time.

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