Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media and Social Media Maketing s a very important part of marketing your business on the web. In fact, it’s all but expected that your business be on social media these days. That’s a big part of what this is all about—being where your customers are.

You should create social media accounts including a Facebook page   and/or a Facebook group as well as LinkedIn and Instagram. These are the top social media sites for small business. Take a look at how other successful people in your niche are handling social media and consider emulating and brainstorming strategies based on what they’re doing successfully.

You can use social media for so many things. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your list and web properties, it’s an awesome way to build relationships, and it’s ideal for showcasing that you’re an authority in your niche—someone to watch and follow.

Sales Copy and the Power of Persuasion

Part of marketing on the web is understanding how to write web copy and the power of persuasion. The web runs on content. Since you’re in business and you’re marketing yourself online, it’s important to understand the language of marketing.

Study copywriting and persuasion. It can be as simple as grabbing a few books on Amazon, reading some of my content on how to write copy, studying and emulating (not copying) copywriters and marketers you admire. And, most importantly of all, by practicing.

Your power to write effective copy will shine through in everything you do online. Grab hold of that power to market on the web. Understand your audience and write directly to the needs, passions, and desires of your audience and you’ll do well.

Facebook Ads PPC | Paid Social Media Ads

We’ve mentioned free ways of marketing online at this point. What about running paid ads? They can be extremely effective. You can use paid ads to see how effective a squeeze page or sales page is, for example. It’s quick and easy data you can gather in hours instead of weeks or months like you’d have to wait with many free methods.

Facebook ads are particularly effective because they allow you to target your audience very narrowly. Part of this is knowing exactly who your audience is. You set your budget, figure out a way to get those who click your ad to stick around, and then have a plan about what to do with that traffic.

That’s not the only option, of course. Google Adwords ads can also be very effective. There are certainly other players in town.

Running paid ads can pay off many times over. Many web business owners shy away from paying for ads because there are so many ways to market that are easy and free.

At the same, time, there are drawbacks to those methods. Paid ads can help you save time and help you earn more money with less effort. If nothing else, paid ads are perfect to use alongside free methods like social media.

Bringing It All Together To Successfully Market Your Business

We could go on and on about marketing your business on the web. This article was designed to give you a solid overview so you can move forward to effectively market your business on the web.

It is our job to keep you informed and to be prepared. If you are starting to take your business online, keep in mind that your marketing message is important. You need to be branding yourself from the very beginning, with consistency.

We live in exciting times. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new or experienced, it doesn’t matter how much time you have or how much money you have… you can market your business on the web. The playing field is as even as it ever has been—seize this opportunity to market online and achieve your goals.

We can help your business to become an online success. Whether you are new to using social media or using Social Media marketing we can multiply your results.  If you are already using ads, we can help you plug up the holes where you are leaking money,  by doing a simple audit of your ads. We use cutting edge tools so that our customers get the most for their money and the highest return on investment. Contact us  Tell us about your business using the link below.

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