When looking at what makes a good website design, some people look at the aesthetics of the website first. This is a big mistake. What really matters most when it comes to web design are the conversions. How does the website design affect the customer experience?

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Colour Palette

The color palette of a website design has to be carefully chosen. A good tip would be to choose a color palette that is similar to the one used in the logo of your company. Also, web designers usually base their choices on the target audience which is usually composed of a male aged group. So to make your page more appealing to women, you have to consider their age range. This will help you come up with a good color palette that will make your page easier to understand.

A Great Looking Website is Only Part of the Story

Good website design is more important for conversions than you probably think. Even with a very good converting conversion marketing tactic, you might not do too much if it just looks bad in design. Actually, website design does not just mean how it Looks like and feels like but all of its functionalities. That means the effectiveness of your site will directly affect the kind of visitors that come to your site. There are certain factors which make visitors stay or move on your page such as: navigation, information management, usability, search engine compatibility, visual elements, user friendliness, and many others. Knowing these basic components will help you create an effective web page layout.

mobile responsive website birmingham Conversion Points: Conversion points are crucial parts of any website. They help make everything easy-to-find and use. Most website visitors are extremely friendly and would like to make use of the products and services you offer. With the proper conversion points, you will make it easy for them to buy what you offer.

Website Usability

User Experience: It’s very important to consider the ease of navigating your page. People play an important role in determining the overall success of a web design. If the user finds it difficult to navigate, then they won’t stick around very long. A great design is not complete without a great user experience. Your navigation system must include drop down menus, labels, and sidebars for easier viewing.

While you need good usability for effective web page designs, visual design should also be considered. The contents of the website need to be easy to understand. Customers are easily deterred by poorly designed pages. If there is too much flashy content, there will be too much boring information which can also turn off customers. You should try to keep things simple and informative as much as possible.

Loading Time: Loading time is very important. Your website visitors won’t wait for your pages to load. They want something now! You need to make sure you have a fast loading time so your visitors will always have an enjoyable browsing experience.

Buttons And Sidebars: Along with conversion points, buttons are equally important in making a user experience great. A button should not just be a cute thing. A button should be there to make it easy for your visitors to find what they need. Along with buttons, sidebars are also important information for your site visitors to see.

Visibility: People using the Internet don’t necessarily look at the pictures or the graphic content. They look at the textual content. If your website has good website design and usability, then users will spend more time reading and studying your content rather than skimming through your site. This means having a good website design and usability means lots of people reading and viewing your content.

The secret behind good website design and good usability is to make it easy for your visitors to do the three basic things that will influence their buying decision. First, visitors need to be able to easily find what they want. Second, they need to be able to quickly see if they’re on the right page. And third, visitors need to feel good about navigating your site.

Your Website Design Must Create a Good experience for the User

To make sure you get this right, make sure your website design is so simple that your visitors can effortlessly find what they need. For example, in the Amazon section, the links are all clickable. That means your visitors are not directed to the second sub-page. Even if you’ve got a large number of products, you should not have an overwhelming amount of links on each page of your site. The Amazon logo will make it clear what the page is for, and your product images will be able to stand out and be clicked, helping you to reach the third step, which is to make your visitors feel good about navigating your site.

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